Submitting a Case

  1. Tap “Submit Case” button on the Home screen. The “Submit Case” screen with category icons will be displayed. 

    Submit 2

  2. Tap on “Category” and “Sub-category” closest to the issue that you have encountered. The reporting form will appear after selecting the sub-category.


  3. Tap “Add Photo” to either take a photo or select a photo from the photo library in your phone. You can submit up to 3 photos.

  4. To take a photo, tap “shutter” button. Tap on “Next” button. The image management screen will be displayed.    


  5.  “Delete” and “Pencil” icons can be found at the right-top of screen. Tap “Pencil” icon to mark the issue to clearly indicate what is it about. After marking, tap on “Done”.  The photo mark-ups will be saved.

  6. Tap “Finish” button.  Your photo will be attached to the reporting form. Alternatively, you can insert photos from your photo library. If the photo has the location information, the “When did you see it?” field will be auto-populated with the location captured.


  7. Input the rest of the details. “When did you see it?” field would be auto-populated with the date and time of reporting. The “Where did you see it?” field will be auto-populated with the location captured if the location service on your phone is enabled.

  8. If you have more specific information about the location of the issue, you can fill up the “Near to/at” field. “Word Tags” are provided to help you. 

  9. Double check the location indicated in the fields and on the tap. If the location captured is inaccurate, you can click on the location field to reselect the accurate location.

  10. Tap on “Submit Case” button to submit your case after confirmation of the details.  When your case is submitted successfully, the “Submitted Successfully” screen will be displayed.

If "Submit case" button does not work, do check if all mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk) are filled up. If not, you will not be able to submit the case.  If you receive a pop-up showing that the server is taking too long to respond, it may be that your device is offline. Please ensure that your device is connected to the internet. Should the problem persist, you can either: (a) log out and login or (b) uninstall and install the OneService App.
English is chosen as the language medium of the OneService App as it is the official working language of Singapore.
The current version of the OneService App does not support the uploading of video clips for case submissions.
It is compulsory to provide photos for every case. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible to assist the agency in following up on your case.
This is the current limit for case submission.  Together with other information which you have provided, the agency will be able to follow up and take action.  If more information is required, the agency may contact you for more details.

After case submission and tracking a case

You can track your case update(s) and agency’s reply by going to the “Track Cases” tab or page in the OneService App or OneService Portal respectively. If the submitted case has been attended to and resolved by the agency, the status will be updated from “Open” to “Closed”.

Currently, you are not able to edit a case once it has been submitted.  The agency will contact you directly if more details are needed.

The most recent cases (up to 6 cases) are displayed under “Report” section on the Home screen.

Tap “View all” button in Report section to view up to 100 cases reported.

They are “Acknowledged”, “Working on It” and “Closed”.

    “Acknowledged” is a system-generated status to indicate that your case has been successfully submitted.

    “Working on It” indicates that the agency or Town Council is looking into the case including understanding and assessing the feedback.  

    “Closed” indicates that the agency or Town Council has completed its evaluation and has either taken action or will be taking action to resolve the case.  

Yes, you can do so in the "Nearby" map. 

Cases submitted under the "Abandoned Trolleys" and "Shared Bicycles" categories will be directly sent to the supermarkets and Bicycle Sharing Operators (BSO) respectively.  Their roles are to retrieve the items once the cases are routed to them.  There is no need for any reply and hence, these cases are not tracked or shown in the map.

After your case is closed, you can complete the quick poll on rating the agency’s or Town Council’s service.  This poll will appear when the case is closed.

For some issues such as infrastructure maintenance or provision, the agency may need more time to complete the works.  It will mention in its reply the expected time to complete the works, and will proceed to close the case in the meantime.  If your case is closed without any action by the agency or Town Council, or no information from the agency or Town Council about the actions to be taken, you may wish to re-submit the case via the OneService App.

You can submit a new case and cite the previous case identification number in the “Any other information” field in the reporting form.

Agencies will reply to your feedback on simple cases within one week. For feedback requiring further investigation or review, or if the issue is complex, the agency may need more time, and may provide you with an interim reply/update.   

Find Parking

  1. Tap on “Find Parking” icon in the top navigation bar or “Nearby” icon at the bottom of the screen. If you click “Nearby”, you can then tap on the “P” button in the next screen.


  2. Enter your desired location in the location search text field and select your desired location. A red pin will be dropped on the selected location.

  3. All car parks within a 2 km radius of the selected location will be displayed on the map around the red pin. You can zoom out to view more.

  4. You will be able to see 3 types of car park pins on the map:
        Public car park (“Start Parking” to pay electronically is available)
        Public car park
        Commercial car park


  5. Swipe up on the Nearby car park list to expand the list vertically. All car parks within 2 km radius of your current location will be populated in the list.

The "Nearby" map shows both public and commercial carparks near your location. The data fields (if available) of a car park include the following:

         Name of car park and type (public or commercial).
         Type of parking system (i.e. coupon parking or Electronic Parking System, i.e. EPS).
         Parking rates for cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles.
         Opening hours.
         Free parking/night parking (for public car parks, if applicable).
         Distance (straight line) from your current location to the entry point of car park.
         Click on “Get Direction” will show the route from your location to the entry point (shown as XY coordinates) of the selected car park using your phone’s navigation          map.
         Click on “Start Parking” to pay for parking (only for HDB and URA coupon-based car parks).
         Car park lots availability (only for HDB/URA Electronic Payment System EPS car parks and those commercial car parks listed in LTA’s Parking Guidance System).
Height limit and advisory for tall vehicles (for HDB and some commercial multi-storey car parks).

MSO collaborates with HDB, URA and Quantum Inventions for the car park data.


Car parks with the "Start Parking" option available are for HDB and URA coupon-based car parks. You can initiate a parking session by tapping on the “Start Parking” which is similar to the app. Your payment transaction will be processed through  Those car parks without the "Start Parking" option are either HDB/URA EPS car parks or commercial car parks. Charges are applied automatically upon entry/exit at the EPS gantry.

At the moment, we are unable to obtain lot availability information at HDB and URA coupon-based car parks as such car park usage cannot be tracked electronically, especially when some motorists use coupons to pay for parking. For some EPS car parks, we are constantly working with our partners to avail more data.

If the car park information is incorrect or there are missing car parks that are not listed, you can tell us by tapping on “Get Support”, then “Feedback”. We will then review your feedback and make the changes accordingly. 

Start Parking

The features are similar.  The payment transaction on “Start Parking” will be processed through

You should start the parking session once you have parked in a designated parking lot.  Enforcement officers have been trained to identify digitally-parked vehicles.

You may forget to end your parking session. When that happens, your charges will continue to run. This can be avoided if you select an estimated duration at the start of a new session. If you end your parking session earlier, you will receive a refund on the remaining amount.

You may refer to the car park code indicated on all existing public car park signboards. We have installed new signboards and also enhanced existing ones within such public car parks and along kerbside lots to increase the visibility of the car park code. Alternatively, if you first click on “Find Parking” to search for car park, you will be able to initiate a parking session of the selected car park by clicking on “Start Parking” button for HDB and URA coupon-based car park.  

To locate car parks nearby, please make sure that you have turned on the location service in your phone setting.

You will need to activate your parking session via “Start Parking” after you have parked your vehicle. This differs from EPS, where a 10-minute grace period is provided for motorists to locate a parking lot after entering the EPS car park, to do a quick drop off or pick up passengers.

No, you will not be able to use “Start Parking” to park multiple vehicles in a single session.

Yes, you can. You will need to enter the correct vehicle and parking details on behalf of the other person to start a parking session. There can only be one session activated on OneService App. 

If you are unable to park using the “Start Parking” module for these reasons stated above, you will have to display the parking coupons. Alternatively, you can consider parking your vehicle at nearby car parks that operate on EPS.

Yes, you may get a parking offence notice if you input wrong details for your parking session.

Extend parking session

From your current parking session page, click "Extend parking session" and enter your desired extended timing. There is no need to start a separate session.

Yes, you will be notified via the OneService App to extend your parking session 10 minutes before expiry and at the point of expiry. You must first grant permission to the OneService App to push notifications to your phone and also set OneService App to have high priority notifications in your phone settings.

For sound notifications to work, please make sure that that you have enabled all permissions for OneService App in your phone settings.

End parking session

If you do not extend your parking session, it will expire automatically after the initial specified parking duration.

The parking session will continue to run, and will expire at the end of the selected parking duration. You can choose to purchase another parking session from another mobile device if you wish to park for a longer duration or display parking coupons.

You will receive a notification to remind you to renew your parking session if you wish to continue parking at the car park. If the parking session is not extended, motorists may be issued with a parking offence notice.

Track parking history

Yes, you can view your parking history under the "Parking Transaction" page. If you want to continue to retrieve and view your parking history after logging out from the OneService App or uninstall and reinstall the OneService App, please remember to sync your parking history.

The parking session will continue to run, and will expire at the end of the selected parking duration. You can choose to purchase another parking session from another mobile device if you wish to park for a longer duration or display parking coupons.

You will receive a notification to remind you to renew your parking session if you wish to continue parking at the car park. If the parking session is not extended, motorists may be issued with a parking offence notice.

Export parking history

You can export your past parking transactions by using the “Export Parking History” function.  From the "Parking Transaction" screen, tap the "…" icon on the top right. Then, select “Export Parking History”. 

You can then select how you would like to receive or send the file. Your parking history would be sent in a csv format.

Sync parking history

It enables you to retrieve and view your past transactions when you log out from the OneService App, reinstall the OneService App or change to a new phone.   Only the latest 100 transactions from the past 3 months will be shown.  You will not be able to retrieve your parking history on your phone if you log off your account or uninstall the OneService App without syncing your parking history. 

From the "Parking Transaction" screen, tap the "…" icon on the top right.


You can restart the OneService App and initiate a parking session again. We will not double charge your parking session. If there is any discrepancy for the transactions, you can tap “Get Support” then “Feedback” to contact us.

The “Start Parking” service in OneService App is processed directly through You can tap “Get Support” then “Feedback” to contact us. Alternatively, you can write to for assistance.  For more information on, please refer to

You can simply end the parking session and start a new one with the correct details.

You may get a parking offence notice if you input wrong details for your parking session. Alternatively, the offence may have been issued after your parking session has expired.

If this is the first time using “Start Parking”, you will be prompted to enter your credit or debit card details before you proceed to confirm the parking session.

Currently, only Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are accepted. We are always looking to improve the payment options available for motorists.

We are grouping multiple charges together, so that there will be fewer credit card charges reflected on your statement. With these changes, some users may receive an additional SMS notification from your banks about the final “grouped” charge a few days after the first parking session was made.

You can export your parking transaction history to view all session details and Bill IDs at a glance.  If you need to cross-verify your parking sessions with your bank statement, go to Parking History and click on each parking session, which will show you the status of the Bill ID.
Those sessions that are already grouped will have their own Bill ID, which you can cross reference with the Bill ID in your bank statement. Those that are yet to be grouped will be reflected as “PENDING”.

The OneService App initially charges you for the entire parking duration which you originally selected. When you end your session early, the OneService App then refunds you the unused amount, calculated on a per-minute basis. If you do not see it reflected on your debit or credit card statement, please wait a while before checking again as it may still be in processing.

Account and Setup

Yes. The same account works across both OneService digital products.

Yes, the case will be reflected on both channels as long as you use the same login method which was used to submit your case. However, if you have logged in to your OneService App or Portal via different login methods, you will have to do a one-time merging of these accounts first by clicking on the “Merge Account” option under the “Profile” tab in the OneService App or the “My Profile” page on the OneService Portal.

  1. Launch OneService App.

  2. Tap on “Sign Up” to fill in the particulars in the fields. Tap on “REGISTER NOW” to continue registration.

  3. “Verify mobile number” screen will be displayed. Enter the OTP to proceed.

  4. Once the valid OTP is entered and accepted, you will be successfully logged into OneService App.


Your Case history will be transferrable across all devices as long as you log in using the same account. If you want to continue to retrieve and view your parking history after logging out from the OneService App or uninstall and reinstall the OneService App, please remember to sync your parking history. Your Account Settings are not transferable.

You can make changes to your profile under the "Edit Profile" option under "Profile".

You can make changes to your profile under the "Edit Profile" option under "Profile".

No. Doing so would require you to create a new account. You will not be able to transfer information between different accounts.

You can retrieve your User ID (sent via email) by clicking "Forgot User ID" on the login page.

Your credit card details are not stored in the OneService App. When you first enter your credit card details in the OneService App, the payment information is instead saved with our secure payment provider. This allows you to continue paying for your parking charges without having to enter your credit card details again. Your details are kept safe even if your phone is compromised. To cancel your payment information with our secure payment provider, you would need to remove the Credit Card under "Profile".

You can remove or edit your credit card record at any time via "Profile".


You can make changes to your notification settings via "Profile".


Your device might have lost its internet connectivity. You can restart the OneService App and perform the same action once you have regained connectivity. Otherwise, please delete and reinstall the OneService App.

General Questions

Municipal issues are issues pertaining to the upkeep and improvement of the communal living environment. These include cleanliness of public areas, greenery maintenance, animal- and pest-related issues as well as maintenance and repair of infrastructure such as roads, walkways, parks and drains.

For urgent cases, please contact the agency directly.  The agency’s hotline number is shown after you have selected the relevant sub-category in the “Submit Case” section (applicable for certain sub-categories only).

The categories found in the OneService Digital Channels are based on the common municipal issues or feedback that MSO receives. For issues that are not listed in any of the categories found in the reporting page, you can send the feedback via the “Others” category. 

We are constantly reviewing the categories found in the OneService Digital Channels. Based on demand, feedback and suggestions, we will introduce new and suitable categories along the way.

The agency will be able to determine whether the OneService App case has already been submitted via other channels. The agency will still follow up on the case and provide the updates via the OneService App.

If you are facing difficulties with the OneService App/Portal or have further queries on them, you can check out the FAQs.  Alternatively, you can tap “Get Support” then “Feedback” to contact us.

My Neighbourhood

“My Neighbourhood” allows you to retrieve customised municipal information based on the neighbourhood(s) of your interest. This feature allows you to garner information that is sieved in accordance to what matters most to you. (e.g. happenings in your immediate neighbourhood)

“My Neighbourhood” would be reintroduced in the OneService App in 2H2019. Users can still access “My Neighbourhood” through the OneService Portal.


This page contains dynamic information on municipal happenings which may be of interest to you.  You can choose to show information such as dengue clusters, traffic incidents, traffic images, and water level sensors.    
If you stay in a HDB block, your block washing and bin chute flushing schedules will be shown, based on the information provided by your Town Council. Other schedules include the Spring Cleaning and Repairs & Refurbishment schedules of NEA-owned hawker centres in your selected area of neighbourhood. 
We aim to include more of such information that will be useful to you in our future enhancements. 

Services Directory:

This page contains information to help you locate useful services, offices and amenities where you can perform transactions and also receive help.  (e.g. HDB branches, Resident Committees, E-waste recycling centres and lighting waste collection points, etc) 

If you have set up your neighbourhood with a postal code that reflects a location in a HDB estate, the Services Directory can indicate which Town Council is maintaining your estate, and provide information from your Town Council on its offices’ contact information and services such as bulk item removal, Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU) hotline and handyman services.   
If you have selected, via the postal code, a private estate as your neighbourhood, the Services Directory can indicate the People’s Association One Connect contact number for your estate.  One Connect allows you to reach your Neighbourhood Committee (NC) to provide suggestions for estate improvement and also find out about community activities around you.


After you have saved your neighbourhood(s) of interest and given it a personalised name, you can view information about these neighbourhood(s) in the “My Neighbourhood” page, by selecting your saved neighbourhood(s) from the yellow bar that reads: “You are now viewing information for:”.

A valid postal code is needed as this selected point is used to draw out specific information such as the Town Council’s information if it is a HDB block (e.g. block washing schedule).    

If you are unsure of your postal code, you can use the map to drop the pin onto your preferred location.  The system will automatically define the postal code for you.

To view the island wide information on the “My Neighbourhood” map, you are not required to register/log in to OneService Portal as these are non-specific information which is not sieved out specifically for any particular neighbourhood. However, if you would like to set your neighbourhood(s) of interest to view customised information relating to your neighbourhood’s happenings and services directory, as well as information provided by your Town Council if you are staying in a HDB estate (e.g. block washing and bin chute flushing schedules) and for People Association’s One Connect information if you are staying in a private estate, you are encouraged to register/login to the OneService Portal.


The OneService App allows users to provide feedback on municipal issues on the go, and to locate car parks., and to pay for parking at HDB and URA coupon-based car parks.   The OneService Portal provides useful neighbourhood information to residents and the general public such as events around their neighbourhood, bin chute flushing and HDB block washing schedules. Users can also bookmark up to 3 locations to view such information in these neighbourhoods.