The footpath used to be dark, muddy and slippery. But thanks to a bunch of active residents and the work of several government agencies, a brighter, cleaner and safer route has been created.

For years, residents in Eng Kong estate used a shortcut from Savoy Park Playground to connect to Cheng Soon Garden, by walking through a vegetated state land adjacent to the Pan Island Expressway to get to the market and other amenities.

It was nothing more than a dirt path on undulating terrain, made slippery during wet weather and dark at night.

After sharing this feedback with the authorities, several government agencies came together to construct a new temporary footpath in October 2015, with lightings to enhance safety at night.

The move was lauded by the Grassroots Adviser for Bukit Timah, Ms Sim Ann, who launched the footpath on 16 July 2016.

“This was possible because of various government agencies, such as NParks, SLA and LTA working together,” said Ms Sim, who is also Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Ministry of Finance, and MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, in a short chat with the residents.

She also paid tribute to the Municipal Services Office, who worked with the different agencies to ensure success.

The agencies paid attention to details to bring about a better end product. NParks, for instance, conducted ground assessments and mapped out a path with a gentler gradient for better accessibility.

The new footpath has been much appreciated by the residents, who can not only walk through the area, but also jog and cycle. They now have an unbroken route that connects Lorong Kismis to Greenridge Crescent, Eng Kong Drive and Cheng Soon estate, which brings them to Bukit Timah Market as well as the new Downtown Line Beauty World Station.

Those staying in Cheng Soon Garden also have quicker access to the Savoy Park Playground at Eng Kong Drive for their recreational needs.

“The residents have been very happy,” said Mr Mong Kiew Hun, 67, Chairman of the Eng Kong and Cheng Soon Neighbourhood Committee.

“We received feedback from residents during our house visits that they would like a proper footpath and we are glad that it has been done.

“The new footpath shaves some 10 minutes from their walk to the Bukit Timah Market and that makes a big difference to the elderly.”

residents exploring footpath
bringing residents to see footpath

-by Staff Writer, The Nutgraf