A nasty smell once haunted the grounds of Geylang Serai Market.  It was not long before stallholders at the market and residents shared their views with the National Environment (NEA). 


The NEA officers quickly discovered the source of the stench was from the market’s unloading bay.  Realising that their counterparts within NEA and in the Housing & Development Board (HDB) were planning to rejuvenate the area, the two agencies worked together.  As a start, they synced their schedules for the works to minimise inconvenience to the market users.


HDB also agreed to improve the bay by constructing a hybrid drain to carry away the foul-smelling fluids in the area.


During the course of the works, NEA engaged Grassroots Adviser Minister Tan Chuan Jin, Chairman for Kembangan-Chai Chee CCC (Professor Teo Cheng Swee), Merchants’ Association (MA) and stallholders, to better address their concerns. 


Since the area had been rejuvenated, the agencies have been receiving words of praise from the market users who have been enjoying a better living environment!


Scope of work




Smell from Bin Centre


The roller shutter doors were often left open for stall-holders to throw their rubbish away. Residents complained about the smell from the bin centre.


The installation of a side access door allowed stallholders and cleaners to access the bin centre while the main roller shutter door is closed.  With the access door, it reduced the smell emanating out from the bin centre.


An odour control system was also installed to reduce the foul smell from the bin centre.





before photos

Open Roller Shutters leading to smell complaints from residents


after photos 2

Installation of side access door


after photos 2

Installation of odour control system at bin centre



Smell from Loading and Unloading Bay


Initially, there were no drains to channel the foul-smelling waste water from washing activities and delivery.  This led to foul-smelling waste water pooling at the Loading and Unloading bay.


With the construction of the hybrid drain, it helps to divert the waste water into the sewer line and reduced the smell nuisance.  


No drains at loading bay and unloading bay

No drains at loading and unloading bay to drain away foul smelling fluids


construction of hybrid drain

Construction of a hybrid drain at the loading and unloading bay