Upon receiving feedback on rats spotted along a slope in Buangkok Green, the National Environment Agency (NEA) acted promptly to address and manage the issue.


The NEA immediately arranged with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the National Parks Board (NParks) to conduct on-site inspection to have a sensing of the actual ground situation of the infested site.  Through their investigations they discovered that the rats were attracted to the slope because there was leftover food strewn there by stray dog feeders.   


The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) was then roped in.  The AVA immediately launched into action by working very closely with the community and Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) to educate the feeders on responsible feeding.  The AVA officers also continued to monitor the situation there.


Realising that educational and awareness on responsible feeding would typically take some time to bear results, the team also came up with measures to make the environment less palatable for the rats to manifest.  Firstly, NParks moved in to remove the overgrown plants along the rat trails, paving the way for NEA’s pest management teams to better control the rats.  Concurrently, SLA came up with a plan to ensure the problem would not occur again by sealing the crevices along the drains on the slope and thereby eliminating the hiding places for the rats.   


After the rats were exterminated, NEA spent the next few weeks carrying out inspections and pest control measures until the rats could no longer be found.


The AVA then continued to work closely with the AWGs and the community to educate on responsible feeding of the stray dogs, as well as working with the NEA to enforce against irresponsible feeding of stray dogs. 


Before – Overgrown vegetation


before photo 1


before photo 2


before photo 3

Overgrown vegetation and presence of tapioca plants and fruit trees at the state land


rodent infestation on slope

Rodent infestation on the slope



After – Overgrown vegetation and fruit trees trimmed by NParks


after photos 1



after photos 2