What is OneService?

OneService refers to a community of government agencies, Town Councils and citizens working together to address municipal matters and improve the living environment for all. OneService also captures the mission of the Municipal Services Office (MSO) which aims to improve the Government’s coordination of municipal services and promote community partnerships and civic responsibility to improve the living environment.


Government agencies and Town Councils continue to take charge of their municipal responsibilities. MSO seeks to resolve municipal matters involving multiple agencies in a more coordinated manner. MSO works closely with agencies to review and formulate policies, develop systems and processes to ensure municipal services are delivered efficiently and effectively.


The OneService App and the OneService Portal make it more convenient for you to notify us on municipal matters, without having to find out which agency is in charge. This is part of our approach to make it easier for you to report municipal feedback, and help agencies deliver municipal services in a timely and efficient manner.


Both OneService channels offer a one-stop service to resolve municipal matters. The OneService Portal offers information on municipal matters in “My Neighbourhood”. It has information from our agencies and Town Councils, which affect your neighbourhood, such as dengue clusters, HDB block washing schedules and traffic incidents. The OneService Portal also contains information about how MSO and agencies help resolve municipal problems and how you can play a part to improve the quality of your living environment.


For easy reporting on the go, we encourage you to download our OneService App. In addition, the OneService App offers timely updates and information by pushing notifications to you.

Municipal Responsibilities

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